Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A week later, I'm getting over her. I'm trying to think less about her. I'm resisting the temptation to call her.

I fall asleep alone on my faux leather IKEA sofa one night and wake up early to find a press release in my Gmail: JetBlue is offering its All You Can Jet Pass for the second time.

With an All You Can Jet Pass, for 30 days after Labor Day, I can fly on JetBlue anywhere they go for $499 or $699.

JetBlue doesn't fly. JetBlue jets.

How can I justify jetting for 30 days? September in New York is ideal. For a gigless guy, September is another month of summer vacation.

But when in my life will I ever get another chance to jet anywhere I want?

It's now or never.

If she loved me, I'd be serious and search for a real job.

No gig. No girl. No reason not to jet.

Two hours after JetBlue releases its press release, I buy my $499 All You Can Jet Pass. I can jet all I can every day but Friday and Sunday for 30 days.

For the next two days, I pack my All You Can Jet itinerary with as many flights as I can.

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